What This Is

Many Peoples, One Nation is a social-political movement, national in scope, with international implications. These are our objectives:

  1. Instill in our people  a new vision of what it means to be an American.
  2. Instill in our country updated versions of the Enlightenment-era values that America was founded on.
  3. Pass a legislative program that renews representative democracy in the United States.
  4. Help America to provide the opportunity for health and prosperity to all its citizens.
  5. Help America to return to a place of leadership in the West and in the world. 

Why This Movement Exists

 This movement was founded because the USA, the West, and the human world as a whole are, individually and collectively, a hot mess. Here are just a few highlights: 

In the United States:

  • America is in the middle of a Cold Civil War. Overt racism, race-based violence, and support for outright White Supremacy and fascism are all on the rise in the United States. In some corners, there are calls for what amounts to a shooting war between races, social groups, and political factions.

  • We desperately need more real jobs. The official unemployment figures leave out the long-term unemployed, the underemployed, and people working full-time at multiple jobs who still cannot support their families. However, over the last forty years, corporate executives, focused solely on short-term shareholder profit and the value of their own stock, have been busy outsourcing American jobs overseas. For its own part, the American Congress has largely turned a blind eye to the problems of the working class, especially those working in fossil fuels (like coal) and manufacturing.

  • We have forgotten some of the values we need to sustain a worthwhile society: compassion (rather than shoving kids into cages), equity (rather than voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering), and honoring the public trust (rather than the legalized bribery that political campaign contributions have become). 

In the West:

  • The great rivals of the West since the end of World War II—Russia and China—are expressing strong expansionist ambitions. Each is using both overt means (grabs for territory) and covert means (cyber operations) to make those ambitions into reality. The political existence of the West is in peril.

  • The West seems unsure of how to define its value and uniqueness in the 21st century. A unified, believing "Christian Europe" is gone for good. The traditions of the European Enlightenment supported not just reason and democracy, but also racism and sexism. What does the West stand for, anymore? 

In the World

  • Climate change is continuing, virtually unabated, and the world is unprepared for the massive consequences in terms of coastal flooding, climate refugees, and problems with food production.

  • Despite official statistics to the contrary, economic production is down almost everywhere throughout the world.

  • We are seeing a rise in the emergence of truly horrific pandemic diseases—for which the world is essentially unprepared.

We Can build a better country and a Better world

There are ways out of our current circumstances. We can build an American society that gives a fair economic chance to everyone, a society with both liberty and peace in our own land. A renewed America can give desperately needed leadership to the West and to the world. Humanity can not only survive, but thrive.

This is no utopian fantasy. It requires that we see our challenges for what they are, do the hard work of rebuilding ourselves, and recommit to the values that made America a powerhouse in the latter half of the twentieth century: fairness, compassion, innovation, and the opportunity to work.

It also means going beyond what America was in the twentieth century—which, we must admit, saw immense injustices committed in the names of racism, sexism, and other biases. 

So, achieving the vision laid out here starts with achieving a new sense of what it means to be an American. Hence the name of this movement: Many Peoples, One Nation. This is the America that can renew itself and lead the world.