What I Do as a Social Critic


What kind of job title is "social critic"? "Critic" sounds so negative, bossy, even finicky. You might think I go around all day and yell things at people like, "Hey, you! Who dressed you today? And stop that slouching!"

No, I don't. Let me explain what social criticism is really about.

For years, I have used a process of reasoning-by-principles to address a wide array of problems, from the defense against terrorism (the subject of my address to NATO) to helping individuals set their personal and emotional lives in order (the bulk of my 16-year practice of counseling and psychotherapy). 

Now I apply reasoning-by-principles to the problems that face us in society. I describe ways to build a better world in my writing and in my public speaking. That is the work of a social critic.

To learn more about reasoning-by-principles, see the “Our Process” page on the “Here We Stand” menu, above.