Our Program

As the saying goes, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Based upon our Principles, our Values, and our problem-solving Process, our Program is broad. It is represented here as a combination of legislation to pass through Congress, and initiatives and regulations from the Executive Branch, including various Cabinet departments.

Below, I present Congressional Legislation first, along with an across-Department Presidential science initiative. I then present the various Cabinet departments in alphabetical order. I collect Cabinet departments into groups of three to allow the reader to jump to a particular group using the Directory below. (Note: for “how would we pay for all this?”, please see the Treasury Department.)

Directory: Group 1

· Congressional Legislation

Directory: Group 2

· National Science and Technology Department

· Director of National Security

Directory: Group 3

· Agriculture Department

· Commerce Department

· Defense Department

Directory: Group 4

· Education Department

· Energy Department

· Health and Human Services Department

Directory: Group 5

· Homeland Security Department

· Housing and Urban Development Department

· Interior Department

Directory: Group 6

· Justice Department

· Labor Department

· State Department

Directory: Group 7

· Transportation Department

· Treasury Department

· Veterans Affairs Department

Congressional Legislation

  • The single most-important legislative step that we can take to improve life in the United States is to get money out of politics. This will require a Constitutional amendment to make it unlawful for any corporate body or individual to contribute beyond a certain (and rather modest) amount to the reelection campaign of any member of Congress. Contributions to Political Action Committees would be banned outright, as would gifts of any sort to any member of Congress and any member of the family of a Congressperson. Contributions to political parties would be strictly limited. his is what it would take to ‘repeal’ the SCOTUS Citizens United decision, which has done so much to legalize Congressional bribery in this country.

  • While we are on the subject of Constitutional amendments, initiate one to eliminate the Electoral College and provide for direct popular vote for the Presidency.

  • Establish laws to ban the sorts of abuses of power we have seen with Sen. Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader: holding up vast amounts of legislation, and preventing the timely consideration of Supreme Court candidates. 

  • Mandate the use of paper ballots in all federal elections.

  • Pass common-sense gun regulation: banning semi-automatic rifles from civilian possession; ban the production of any device that increases the rate of fire for firearms.

  • Criminalize the use by American citizens, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and LLCs of foreign bank accounts to hold in excess of $10 million (total across all foreign accounts). 

  • Pass legislation to both ban the further exportation of American jobs overseas, and encourage the repatriation of American jobs from overseas.

  • Institute a lifetime ban on former members of Congress entering careers as lobbyists at all, or as employees of or consultants to defense contractors.

  • Institute a lifetime ban on former military officers of the rank of Army colonel (or equivalent in other services) or higher from entering careers as employees of, consultants to, or lobbyists for defense contractors.

  • Create a path to citizenship for those currently in the U.S. illegally, and a more humane, clearer path to citizenship for would-be immigrants.

  • Pass enabling legislation to increase the authority of the Department of the Treasury to regulate the financial and investment markets.

  • Strengthen the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

  • Reinstitute the Glass-Steagall legislation, which separated commercial and investment banking.

  • Ban corporate stock buybacks. (This was the law before the Reagan era.)

  • Pass legislation to encourage the spread of the social capitalism model (stakeholder capitalism) of business throughout corporate America.

National Science Dept. & Director of National Intelligence

National Science and Technology Department

  • Institute a Science Agency within every Cabinet-level Department, to strengthen the knowledge base needed by each Department, and to advise the Secretary of each Department regarding emerging and needed technologies, and other scientific matters as needed.

  • Fully staff the currently moribund National Science and Technology Council (a Cabinet-level agency), and expand it to include the head of each Science Agency within the Cabinet-level Departments.

  • Promote the NSTC to the status of a Cabinet-level Department, the Department of National Science and Technology, and give it the additional tasks of identifying weaknesses in the state of American science and technology, and recommending ways to address those weaknesses.

Director of National Intelligence

  •   Task the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) with producing a report detailing (1) potential threats to national security over the next 15 years, (2) the likelihood of each of these potential threats, and (3) proposed plans to address these threats. (We need to be proactive rather than reactive in protecting national security.)

  • Task the DNI to create plans to increase the United States’ capacity for the development of sources of human intelligence within the countries which are our major antagonists on the world stage. 

Agriculture, Commerce, and Defense Departments

Agriculture Department

  • Develop policies and programs to help maintain and increase food production in the wake of climate change.

  • Develop policies and programs to help smaller farmers to maintain their farms in the face of increasing competition from large-scale agribusiness concerns.

  • ·Develop policies and programs to encourage the resurgence of pollinating insects (such as bees).

  • Phase out subsidies to tobacco farmers, including crop insurance subsidies.

Commerce Department

  •  End the trade wars with our allied nations, and with China.


  • ·Expand the role of the Department of Commerce to include the promotion of the social capitalism model of economics throughout corporate America and business education.

  • Enter aggressive negotiations to end intellectual property theft in China and elsewhere.

  • Develop policies and programs to promote ease of entry for would-be entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • Develop policies and programs to ensure public safety in the development of artificial intelligence. 

Defense Department

  • Institute regulations that designate specific government officials as always having full need-to-know status for all military and intelligence programs, for purposes of oversight or budget review. (No more “black projects” beyond civilian oversight.)

  • Increase military pay, especially for enlisted personnel. (No more military families on food stamps!)

  • Eliminate restrictions for enlistment or job assignment based on sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

  • Task the Department of Defense (DoD) with developing a defensive shield for America against attack by hypersonic cruise missiles and similar threats.

  • Task DoD with developing procedures to radically reduce the number of civilian casualties in combat operations—which casualties only increases the number of terrorists directed against the U.S.

  • Task DoD with radically upgrading cultural and language training among U.S. combat troops and their leadership.

  • Guarantee American citizenship for all members of the American military who have honorably completed at least one term of service, and for their dependents, as well. 

  • Establish the firm policy that all defense materials be produced in the United States by American companies. Cancel all contracts to the contrary.

Education, Energy, and Health and Human Services Department

Education Department

  • Promote and increase federal aid to public education, and work to eliminate charter-school and other private-school voucher programs.

  • Promote higher teacher salaries throughout public education.

  • Pay tuition, fees, and books at either state or private institutions for individuals pledged to teach in public schools for a stated period.

  • Raise standards and expectations for public education.

  • Work to make higher education (including trade school, community college, and four-year college) free at state schools. If necessary, establish Federal institutions of higher education to make this come about.


  • Develop and implement policies and programs to reduce the likelihood of teachers “teaching to the test.” If necessary, reduce or eliminate national standardized testing tied to individual teacher performance evaluations.

  • Promote arts and music education, as well as physical fitness training, throughout the primary and secondary years of education.

Energy Department

  • Massively increase funding for the development of practical fusion energy, to replace fossil fuels and nuclear fission reactors.

  • Cease to offer further licenses for nuclear fission power plants.

  • Develop plans, policies, and timelines to decommission all present nuclear fission power plants, replacing them with sources of clean energy (such as wind and geothermal power).

Health and Human Services Department

  • Expand the role of the Department of Health and Human Services to include the administration of Medicare for All, to be instituted throughout the United States.

  • Vigorously and aggressively educate the public about the dangers of the anti-vaccination movement.

  • Increase funding for programs to prepare the nation for outbreaks of pandemic disease, including detection, prevention, vaccination, and treatment.

  • Increase funding for public health programs and clinics throughout the country.

  • Increase funding for prenatal care.


  • Remove the requirement that recipients of federal funding to provide health care must abstain from mentioning abortion providers to pregnant patients.

Homeland Security, Housing & Urban Development, and Interior

Homeland Security Department

  • Institute vigorous and aggressive measures to prevent foreign interference in American elections of all sorts.

  • Bring the Federal Election Commission—currently an independent regulatory agency—under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security, and broaden its scope to include election security.

  • Designate all racial or ethnic supremacy groups as terrorist organizations. 

  • Institute stricter policies regulating the monitoring of the communications of individual citizens.

  • Eliminate the concentration camp-type conditions in ‘detention’ areas for asylum seekers. Institute a massive increase in the ranks of immigration judges to determine asylum status. Vigorously and aggressively monitor behavior of federal and state officers interacting with would-be immigrants.

  • Cease mass immigration raids.

  • Cease the practice of using improperly prepared ‘warrants’ in targeted immigration raids.

  • Cease the on-the-road and on-the-street questioning of people regarding their citizenship or immigration status.

Housing and Urban Development Department

  • Develop and implement a coherent federal strategy to eliminate homelessness in America.

  • As an aspect of the foregoing, develop and implement plans for public/private Success Centers throughout the country that include provisions of housing, jobs, skill training, mental health and addiction services, and social services. 

  • Enforce high standards for health and safety in public housin

Interior Department

  • Re-establish all the environmental-protection and anti-pollution regulation that was eliminated by the Trump Administration.

  • Cancel the permits given for mining and logging on public lands that were given by the Trump Administration.

  • Expand the role of the Interior Department to include the protection of the natural environment. Bring the Environmental Protection Agency into the Department of the Interior as a subsidiary agency. 

  • Expand the role of the Interior Department to include the prevention of climate change, the mitigation of the effects of climate change, and the roll-back or rehabilitation of the environmental causes of climate chang

Justice, Labor, and State Departments

Justice Department

  • Direct the Justice Department to increase scrutiny of foreign interference in the American political process.

  • Direct the Justice Department to increase scrutiny of racial or ethnic supremacy organizations for potential commission of hate crimes and weapons violations.

  • Develop programs for states and communities to use in reducing incidents of police violence against non-threatening individuals.

Labor Department

  •  Promote the abolition of so-called ‘right to work’ laws.

  • Work to establish minimum wages that provide liveable salaries.

  • Re-establish worker safety laws and regulations that were “softened” by the Trump Administration.

  • Task the Department of Labor with the identification of areas in which manufacturing jobs could be developed within the United States, either in neglected industries or in new technology areas.

State Department

Establish the following as pillars of American foreign policy: 

  1. Contain Russian and Chinese expansionism. 
  2. Promote solidarity with our allies throughout the world to promote #1.
  3. Prevent any expansion of the ‘nuclear club’—the nations that hold nuclear weapons—by diplomatic, economic, and, if necessary, military means. 
  4. Promote ties with nations in Africa, South and Central America, and Asia—especially those which can supply us with strategic metals. 
  5. Promote the full development of democracy in all nations of the world.

In addition to the foregoing:

  • Strengthen and show firm solidarity with NATO.

  • Promote the creation of a ‘Pacific NATO,’ that is, a Pacific Treaty Organization to promote peace in Asia and contain Chinese expansionism.

  • Make human rights agenda prominent in international relations.

  • Encourage the United Nations to negotiate Environmental Protection Zone status for the Amazon rainforest and the African continental forest, banning industrial or agricultural development, subsidized by contributions from member nations.

  • Apply appropriate diplomatic and economic pressure to create a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs Departments

Transportation Department

  • Allocate major funds for the repair of the American infrastructure, and the advancement of public transportation throughout the country.

  • Reintroduce all the emissions guidelines for cars, etc., that were ‘softened’ by the Trump Administration.

Treasury Department

Issues of taxation are important in our program:

  • Individual Taxation: Increase individual deductions, especially for minor children. Increase credits for child care.

  • Individual Taxation: Return to the marginal tax structure of the Eisenhower era, adjusted to current-year dollar values. This institutes much higher marginal tax rates.

  • Individual Taxation: Tax income from any source—wages, salaries, investments—at the same rate.

  • Individual Taxation: Institute 2% wealth tax annually on wealth over $50 million, 3% annually on wealth over $100 million, 4% annually on wealth over $500 million, and 5% annually on wealth over $1 billion.

  • Estate Taxation: Reduce the amount of exempted income in the estate tax to $3 million (from $11.8 million), and increase the tax on amounts in excess of that limit to 50% (from 40%). 

  • Corporate Taxation: Raise the corporate tax rate to 30% of pre-tax profits.

  • Corporate Taxation: Set the minimum corporate tax rate to 25% of profits, excluding all credits and exemptions that have allowed some corporations to pay nothing at all in taxes.

  • Increase funding for investigation of tax fraud.


Budgetary expenditures are also an issue:

  • Downwardly revise the Defense budget to bring it more in line with what America really needs, in the current threat environment.

Beyond issues of taxation and budget, financial market regulatory issues loom large in our program:

  • Increase resources to monitor regulatory compliance in banking and financial markets.

  • Establish standards that investment and bond-rating agencies (such as Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s) must use, in establishing what investments and bonds are given what ratings.

  • Institute standards and regulations for “exotic” financial instruments (such as derivatives) and cryptocurrency markets.

Veterans Affairs Department

  • Greatly increase funding for VA hospitals in all areas, especially in mental health and addiction services.

  • Fast-track veterans for public housing and homeless services.

  • Re-establish a post-WWII-type G.I. Bill, administered through the Department of Veterans Affairs.